Frequently asked questions

What is Musicmask?
Musicmask is a mask that has been specially designed for listening to music at home through standard speakers. With Musicmask you listen in the dark. Anyone who has ever listened to music in the dark knows how much more detail you hear. It’s a magical experience.

Can’t I just listen with my eyes closed?
Many music lovers listen to music at home with their eyes closed, but that doesn’t provide complete darkness. Musicmask covers the eyes completely, yet allows you to keep your eyes open. This is important because that you’re more alert when your eyes are open than when they’re closed. Musicmask users have also indicated that they enjoy being able to ‘see’ the stereo sound  in the dark.
You disappear into the soundscape, experience more depth and emotions are conveyed better.

What does science say about listening in the dark?
Scientific research shows that people in the dark can hear significantly better. Senses always ‘fight’ for the brain’s attention. By removing  vision, the ears are given more processing power, as it were, to digest sound. As a result you hear more details, you experience a greater sense of space and a greater sense of 3D. A scientific study says: “Closing the eyes affects the style of attending to auditory stimuli by modifying the perceptual relationship with the environment without changing the stimulus itself.”
Removing vision also increases the emotional perception of music: “It has been acknowledged that perceived emotionality of stimuli is highly dependent on style of processing (e.g. focus of attention), perceptual context (e.g. the relatedness to environment) and task relevance, which together form the individual’s mental set.” The less light coming in, the greater your concentration.
(scientific study: ‘Eyes wide shut: amygdala mediates eyes-closed effect on emotional experience with music.’)

Is Musicmask comfortable?
Musicmask consists of an ergonomically designed front cover with a foam layer underneath in which the eyes are left clear. For maximum comfort, the soft foam layer fits itself to the shape of the face. The material allows air to circulate and keeps light out. To ensure that Musicmask fits perfectly, it has been fitted with a Velcro strap that can be adjusted to the right length.

Where did the idea for Musicmask come from?
Musicmask was developed by Corly Bedacht, a music lover from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The idea for Musicmask came about during a meditation session in a dark meditation room. Music was being played and it was noticed that the music sounded particularly spatial. When the light was switched on later,  the spatial effect was diminished. Supported by scientific research in which the evidence showed that listening without any visual stimuli heightens the listening experience, and that we are more capable of localising  individual sounds without  external stimuli, Corly developed a mask that completely covered the eyes, but which allowed the eyes to be kept open. This was done in collaboration with an industrial designer to ensure Musicmask had an ergonomically and acoustically optimal design.

Who is Musicmask for?
For all music  lovers. In particular, Musicmask can be used when listening to music through speakers at home, in recording studios when mixing CDs, and by hi-fi reviewers assessing and objectively comparing sound equipment. Hi-fi stores use Musicmask for such things as demonstrations. Musicmask is also a useful tool for determining the ideal listening and speaker position in a listening space.

What if I don’t like  Musicmask?
Musicmask offers a 10-day money back satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we’ll refund 100% of your money. View the Sales and Returns Policy for additional info.