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In Focus With the Music

Late in the evening when it's dark your stereo seems to sound the best. Unfortunately, those moments are rare and hard to enforce. To create the possibility of experiencing music in its full intensity at any time and place, the Musicmask has been developed. Musicmask is a mask that completely covers the eyes, but which still allows you to keep your eyes open. This is important because you’re more alert when your eyes are open than when they’re closed.
Scientific research shows that removing visual stimuli increases the perception of music. With Musicmask, listening to music will become a magical experience. Read more. >

Users about Musicmask

The Musicmask works.
You definitely hear details you hadn't before.

Andrew Everard, What Hi-Fi

I'm more aware of subtle shifts in the stereo image, soundstage depth, and very quiet background vocals while listening with the Musicmask.

The Audiophiliac,


Music lovers and the hi-fi press test Musicmask

25 March 2011 | The Musicmask launch took place in one of the leading high-end stores in the Netherlands. “It is probably only once every 20 years that a product appears on the market that is entirely different to existing products and that truly adds another dimension and raises the listening experience to a higher level. That’s what makes this product so unique”, says Peter Chattelin, owner of Chattelin Audio Systems.

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