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Video Musicmask launch event (Vimeo HD 1080p, English subtitles)
Video Musicmask launch event (Vimeo HD 1080p, German subtitles)
Video Musicmask launch event (Vimeo HD 1080p, Dutch subtitles)

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Corly Bedacht
Singel 146
1015 AG Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 20 845 22 17

"OK, let's get the elephant out of the corner
and slap-bang into the middle of the room
right now: the Musicmask works."
What Hi-Fi

"You definitely hear details you hadn't before."
What Hi-Fi

"The stereo image seems wider and deeper,
as if you're there in the recording space."

"You disappear into the soundscape, experience
more depth and emotions are conveyed better.
We give it our full recommendation."
Listening with the Musicmask you focus on the music and hear more details in it. I heard things I've never noticed before. I'm more aware of subtle shifts in the stereo image, soundstage depth, and very quiet background vocals while listening with the Musicmask.
I found it comfortable to wear for hours at a time"

"Audiophiles, know the benefits of closing your eyes
and/or turning off the lights while listening to music.
Musicmask was designed to cover the eyes
completely, so that the wearer can relax,
while leaving their eyes open."

"Brilliant in its simplicity"
Audio Lifestyle